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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


...and balance is a well known concept from one's way of life to tips on home decor. I am utterly and immensely sensitive and yet susceptible to an unharmonious and unbalanced way of being. I tolerate a lot of unbalanced demands from the world and choose to stir harmony when it comes to fairness, truth and justice to try and balance injustice. Now that I'm freer, I have time to ponder on what would be my priority - an instant answer would be balance vs. harmony. Why? Simple. Because I opine that disruption of balance of any kind is already a violation of harmony that has been naturally intended for us. And as the aggressor that I am, who despises watching such violation I could not imagine not reacting in an unsrcupulous way to achieve a balance state again. An abused dog needs intervention and one may disrupt disharmony when you want to stop the abuser from continuing his act. My dad disagrees totally with my priority as he has reached a state of wisdom whereby negotiation can be done in a harmonious way. I guess i still have a lot to learn in the harmony chapter whereby I always just concentrate on results and have no regards for consequences. God, please grant me patience and harmony in my heart should I face more idiocy of the world, grant me hope when I see the hopelesness in this world, grant me love in my heart so I dont judge and punish. For all that is good is yours and all that is bad is from our own doings. Grant me the good of faith, hope and patience so that I can use all the good that you have granted me with for your cause. Guide me please so that I can achieve the harmony and balance that you see and you deem right for this world and the hereafter. For I am only human whom would not see what is right, without your consent.

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