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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am sending you a postcard

After a long overdue, and quite unnecessary trip to the post office, i had a whimsical notion to send you a handmade postcard with messages only you and i share (and maybe mr.postman if he's interested). I am aware of my disconnection with you due to my indecision to join facebook. Don't get me wrong, i am a little too old for rebellion (without a cause), i am not a sociophobic, i simply can't keep up with e-networking religiously due to the simple facts that

1. i have not had internet installed in my house since i moved out,

2. fb is banned in my previous office,

3. i have very early bedtime.

I think (only an assumption) that you would not mind receiving a nice lil' postcard in your mailbox from me, so do indulge me the privilege of sending you one! There is no timeline to this, i will entertain your beep and send you a postcard from a post office from anywhere i am. Just copy the below form and send it to azurahk@gmail.com.

Your Name:
You are a Friend / Stranger: F / S
Your Home Address:
Some message from you:

It's just a little token of appreciation for you to take time to drop by at my new blog, and i have to say, just doing my lil' bit for the ol' trusted post office.