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Saturday, July 2, 2016

#throwback - About a Mother

May 20, 2006, 5:54 am
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How do u tell a mother cat that her child is gone?
I was awaken this morning by her cry as she looked down the balcony. As I peered to see what was she looking at, there it was, the tiny kitten already afloat and frozen in the pool. She still thinks its alive so i went down to get it. Not to my surprise the kitten was long gone.

I told her it’s okay while i'm thinking what the hell, she won’t even know what i'm saying. The thing about human (with religions) you can always tell them to turn to God. But how do you tell a cat to do that? I wonder, in the most super natural way, does God let them know about his existence. Are they made to know that all sufferings will come to an end one day or do they just breathe until its their turn to stop, which then led me to think hey, that’s what most of us are doing anyway despite of what we are made to know of. So thinking that i may not find the answers in that short time span, i decided to sing while holding her in my lap. So for bout half an hour, there i was singing a tune from Miss Sheila "aku cinta padamu" (i love you) after considering rock-a-bye baby would not be appropriate for this occasion. I might as well let her know i love her.

And to my surprise her crying stopped, and she went about her usual business like nothing happened. Maybe she just wanted me to stop singing haha, but i got some answers there and then.

1. About my faith - i purposely sang a love song and avoided any songs with the word baby, even though i know she wont understand it. I must have some faith that sumone up there will let her know what i was telling her.

2. About God Maybe he didn’t have to tell her anything. All he did was take the pain away.

Kite Flying

     I was recently reminded of flying. Here's a tribute to all beautiful kites blown by the wind through space and time. The song of the night will be this :)