"There is no seamless way to close a chapter without acknowledging its existence in the new one. The link here is a tribute to the days before these days -http://nyott.blog.friendster.com"

Sunday, October 30, 2011

mourning musher

oh Lord, im trying very hard to not want to die with her. she was your gift to me and i let her down.i did not take care of her like i should and be her guardian angel. wouldnt it be nice to be like your angels, they follow your path, they never forget you, they never question you, they are not bound to hell a place i fear of everyday and yet still commit sin. a place i especially remember when im a cold shower, at the dentist or having a painful massage. oh Lord, please take musher to heaven. i believe in heaven, i believe in eternity coz you made me believe. i know i dont know where would i be in that realm, and when such a let down happened like today, the more i feel like giving up on claiming a good placement in your heaven. im mourning Lord, im questioning, im breathing still while your beloved has come to your embrace today.

Friday, October 28, 2011

how about you

how would i turn back time where solitude and love are found in the eyes of a friend. how would i have known that time steals when it too stood still. how would i make of a youth when age has aged its playground. how would you see your reality now? would it be a view from my window? would it be as rosy as i paint it to be? i have lost me time and again carelessly, and time and again i was found by one or another. you never found me really, you never sought and i never hid, you were busy getting lost near me, that we never thought we were lost.until, we were respectively found.