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Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Brand New Souls

It is not new, the trickery of the deception to humankind but we, our souls are new, and therefore we have to learn it through our journey on earth what has been promised by Lucifer to our Creator. And so they trick us once again using what we think we have evolved to understand with much more "sophistication" than the days of our forefathers. They become the system and order of our lives, so that we forget time and again that our true purpose is to worship God. Sounds extreme to some i understand, it still sounds extreme to me at times, especially when our days need to be filled with so many other worldly matters not just to amuse ourselves, but to even basically survive and pay our rents. Can we blame ourselves that we got distracted, confused and wanting. Can we blame ourselves that we are victims of an age old deception that will not stop until each soul is damned into darkness. Can we blame ourselves that we think of death as something awful that happens to others and therefore lead lives in the best way we know how.

Oh, how arrogant our souls are not to want to read what God the All Knowing has told us in his scriptures through Jesus (AS), Moses (AS) and Muhammad (SAW) so that we can have a chance to not get confused by the deception. Bediuurzamman wrote many works during the time that humans are too engrossed with themselves, their beliefs and their systems. He wrote not in the context of preaching to what you have to do as human in relations to God, but in the context of our existence first and where we encounter with Divinity.

There is only 2 divisions, ones who follow God and others who follow Lucifers, the others are a consequence of deception so that we are divided in remembering and worshipping the One true God. And at these times, are the most trying times. They are near to deceiving us big time as we usher in the "year of Aquarius". They deceive us with terrorism which they commit so that Islam will be even even further from humanity. They will deceive us again in 2012 which will not be the end of the world, but a world which will be fooled by mass deception. Let's pray that Light that God has originally put in our hearts will prevail in darkness.

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