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Saturday, June 18, 2016

#throwback - Hello life!

So, a decade ago when  some local tycoon decided to buy over Friendster and turned it into an avatar infested gaming site, all my previous blog posts were gone...until a silent reader contacted me and told me he had backed up all of them! So I'm introducing the #throwback time where I will post those long lost blogs from another time. A time of much more naivety, much more melancholy (but of course) and many more typos. Here's one to start with :)

November 12, 2006, 4:07 am
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I’m practically still glued to my bed rite now, with my mind wondering off someplace. So i decided to write again.

Last weekend i was the "best woman" for my best friend’s engagement. The 3 of us stayed up for 2 nights in a row getting everything in place. Gosh, if only the guy knew how much of things we had to do to welcome their arrival. I mean, all of us were nearly down with fever the night before the engagement. I dont mind me as im sickly anyways, but the fiancee to be, she needs to be in good shape! But all in all it works out really well. She looked gorgeous in her green kebaya and white, glittering selendang. Like a princess. And yes, i shed my tears (no big surprise) when the guy’s mom hugged her tight in her arms. Can’t help it, it was really sweet. I cant forget the look on her face as she laughed when she saw my tears. It was sooooo expected huh. Anyway, im so happy for you darling and i cant wait to shed more tears when the big day arrives!

Later in the week i went to a memorial service for another friend’s mom whom just passed on. She’s a free thinker but the mom requested to be baptized a month before she passed on.So the service was a Christian one with songs and prayers. I did not know the mother, but from the eulogy, she must have been a wonderful woman. And i prayed that she is taken care of as well as how she must have deserved it. And yes, me cried again.

And to complete the circle of life, i went to a colleague’s (whom just admitted he’s married) baby shower in Royal Selangor Club. It was suprisingly grand for a baby’s party. As i played with the little one, i prayed that he’s going to grow up strong, healthy and handsome just like his daddy, but maybe with a little more honesty thrown in  ;). No tears for this one, hurray!

So yes i saw a glimpse of many phases in life last week and walked out of each ceremony, taking a ciggie out of my bag and smoke away.

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