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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Get a Life?

The phrase is widely used. What do you think one means. Pondering on it, here are what I think it means:-
1. Concentrate on own life and not lurk on the lives of others
2. Reflect on own values and not judge the values of others
3. Deflate own ego instead of egos of others

Because we all have different views. Why waste our little time on earth concentrating on being right instead of being righteous. Everyone thinks they are in the right. And Allah knows best and may Allah protect us all from seeing wrong as right. In the time of before the coming of Dajjal (the anti-christ), those who are right are seen wrong and vice-versa. Which side do you want to be in then so that Allah is on your side? What good is the praise of others if Allah is displeased? How bad is the scorn of others if Allah is pleased? No one person is better than the other, no one person is made super human, no human is an angel or a devil and none of those 2 are humans. A blessing is a test, and a test is a blessing. There is no finishing line until you finish.  There is no happy ending until it is The End. Perfection is only deemed for Him. In the end, who are we but humans with a limited time to live.

I like to read about death a lot, an inevitable reckoning for us all. Good deaths and bad deaths, those whom graves had flowers growing 6ft under as if the earth was welcoming them and those whom the kaffan cloth (white cloth to cover the body) were short and not enough although the length was cut more than enough. Those martyrs whom had such wonderful smiles on their faces as though they saw heaven. There is not much time to get a life really - for the hereafter is just around the corner.

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